we hold these truths to be vaguely fungible


I had largely stopped writing about politics on the blog – mostly because it was so demoralizing – but hell, we’re only a couple of weeks away from the election, so why not?

Two things:

1. Whomever wins this election will be the beneficiary of an economy that will get better. Historically speaking, barring a worldwide crisis, the recovery will happen over the next four years, and the sitting President will get credit for it.

So if we win this election, I think we’ve got a good shot at winning the next… the amazing Kirsten Gillibrand perhaps?

If Romney somehow pulls a fast one, he’ll inherit the recovery, which means re-election, and possibly giving the GOP a good shot in 2020 as well (a la Reagan/GHW Bush). In that time, can you imagine the environmental and societal damage those people could do until the year 2024? Staggering. That’s one of those wrong turns that Theoretical Historians write papers about.


2. My brother Kent mentioned something I’d been wondering for a while… we grew up with Mormons, and Mitt Romney is unlike any Mormon I’ve ever known. It’s almost incontrovertible: if you want your car fixed, take it to someone in the Church, and they will do an excellent job, and not charge one penny more than they know is right.

Same with pretty much every profession: Mormons, in my experience, are almost pathologically honest. I trust my family utterly and implicitly. I may have gargantuan differences of opinion on how the Earth was created, and find their stances on most social issues to be cruel and insane – but they will not lie to me.

They do not change opinion by obfuscation or some kind of Machiavellian monkey business: they do it by sheer force of will and volume. They don’t believe the end justifies the means, they believe the means will manifest as obvious, in and of itself. They will show you the parts; they are like those transparent telephones teenagers used to have.

Mitt Romney, however, is a liar of the highest order. He dissembles so quickly, and with such oily consistency, it’s impossible to keep up. His statements on clean energy, Obama’s job record, health care, and taxes are lies. His quotes on oil, gas, the deficit, Obama’s so-called “apology tour” and his birth certificate are damned lies. Even his “binders full of women” was a complete and total falsehood.

Frankly, I don’t know how he squares it with the Church. I don’t know why his Bishop doesn’t call him in and say, “Mitt, just tell them the actual ideas you have, and if they’re good by the Heavenly Father, then He’ll take care of the rest.” But Romney just keeps plugging. I’ve expressed chagrin at a Mormon winning the Presidency, but a Bad Mormon may even be too much for my family.



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  1. Claverack Weekender

    Sadly it is more likely than not that it gets worse from here economically, not better. The person who takes office in 2017 will have it much better.

  2. Sea

    His dishonesty is what has led to the SLC Tribune’s endorsement of President Obama for a second term. They say, in no uncertain terms, that Romney can’t be trusted.

  3. Neva

    I have heard the predictions of continued recovery no matter who is President but I can’t help but think that if it is Romney we are looking at a higher chance of another war (Iran? Syria?) as well as more tax cuts for wealthy and a poorer and less well educated middle class which will eventually slow the recovery.
    And, even IF (and it’s a big if) I could get behind the economic plans of the Republicans I just can’t allow the opportunity for Romney to replace supreme court judges with pro-lifers. Those are life long appointments! Like Samuel Jackson says it’s time to wake the F up people.
    Like Sea says even the SLC Tribune thinks there are “too many Mitts” to trust him.

  4. kent

    Before Ronald Reagan, it was a truism that Democrats were more likely than Republicans to get involved in wars. Since Reagan, every Republican President has started military actions using ground troops. You can’t really call them war, because in none of these cases was war declared by Congress.
    Grenada, Panama, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan.
    I would argue that the geopolitical case for all of these wars was doubtful if not fraudulent. Remember the first Bush trotting out Kuwaiti women to testify before Congress, and they fabricated their entire stories?
    At this point the GOP is the party that is most completely in bed with the Military-Industrial complex, and have done all sorts of incredibly dodgy things like privatize military action.

  5. dob

    I’ve heard that some Mormons, particularly those high in the church hierarchy, engage in a practice known as “Lying for the Lord”; soft-peddling hard truths in order to make their religion or culture more acceptable to outsiders. Is this at all true, or scurrilous anti-Mormon bigotry?

  6. John Galt

    Good to see that you folks have already resigned yourselves to the fact that Obama will lose. And no, Romney won’t get there by lying (are those links supposed to support your assertion? Please…); his ride to the White House is being powered primarily by Obama sucking.
    Sad to see that you’ve already started lying to yourself about why the economy will improve once he does though. I suppose you’d also argue that Ronald Reagan owes a debt of gratitude to Jimmy Carter for the economic boom that we experienced during his terms in office… LOLOLOLOL
    BTW, I may have been wrong on my George McGovern thing; he passed away over the weekend. Or perhaps I was right and it was a matter of him being comfortable enough with the Obama campaign’s downward spiral that he could just enjoy the spectacle from wherever he’s found himself.

  7. John Galt

    lol @ Greg T. I blame it on my parents and their slightly demented sense of humor. Trouble is, so few people get the joke these days, much to their disappointment.


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