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Don’t you ever go through people’s blogs and websites and eventually just wonder aloud, “fuck this – I just want to see what this person looks like”? As though it informs the way they’re meant to be read? And so then you can gauge their status, and whether or not they’re to be taken seriously?

Let me remove all doubt with this iPhone self-portrait from the boys’ room at St. Paul’s church while Lucy was in chorus rehearsal:


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  1. Dawson

    OK, when most people of our generation (translation, rapidly-advancing age) say “Gee Ian, you haven’t changed a bit since High School” they’re full of shit. In this case it’s true though! Good grief.

  2. dean

    Middle-aged man retreats to the church bathroom while little girls are down the hall singing. Man found clutching a wad of toilet paper and looking mysteriously into the mirror. A little disturbing. LOL

  3. noj

    despite knowing you for 22 years the only image i can conjure of you now is the one where the nuclear spider bit your forehead that time.

  4. Ian

    Dawson, I could say the same of you, young lady. Although given the antebellum, jail-like confines of our particular high school, none of us were allowed sun damage (or fun, as I recall).
    Dean – that was of toilet paper is so you don’t have to touch the cholera-infected door handle on the way out: YUCK
    Noj – you say you’re joking, but I have the same spectre in my head when I take the self-portraits with the phone, even when there’s other people in them. That experience was a consciousness-changer.

  5. Valerie

    Seriously, Ian – are you getting regular transfusions of infant blood or something? Without the magic phone, this could easily be a picture from college.


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