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I had so much to regale you with today – o! the stories I could have told! – but again, I find myself felled by the same screechingly-awful, excruciating, ligament-wretching sore throat that has plagued me since that surgery I got in May.

But I’ll say this: those were some pretty great answers to the last entry, and not as altogether devastating as the comments on that infamous blog lo these many years ago. Again, it must be said… men, talk to women. Women, make your needs known.

The ZzzQuil is kicking in (seriously, have you guys tried that stuff? WALLOP) so I’m going to ask all of you a question that the engineers at Google like to ask their prospective employees:

Name one odd thing that you’re exceptionally good at, and why you have passion for it.

I have a few I could pull out if I were in the hotseat at Google, but I’ll go with an archaic and arcane one: I was unbeatable at the video game “Track and Field” at any arcade during its heyday. Decades of practicing trills on the piano made me exceptionally fast at making the character “run” and do hurdles, throw the javelin, long jump, etc.

And though I grew up with a name nobody could pronounce in eastern Iowa (or Tidewater, for that matter), having only three letters in my first name meant I could put my whole name in the #1 All-Time Scorers column. And guess what? That was passion and victory enough for me, some days.



7 thoughts on “three point three three meters

  1. Big Scott

    I think I know the answer to this one but just to be sure, you weren’t one of *those* kids that won at Track and Field by using a pencil bridged between your fingers were you? I hope not. I hated those kids, although admittedly that may have been because they regularly kicked my butt at that game.
    As for the thing that I’m good at: smoking meat would have to be up there. I got started by building a small smoker out of a couple of really big terra cotta pots (thanks to Alton Brown and his fiendishly clever mind). I’ve graduated to larger smokers and I’m going to build my own big one when I move into the house that I’m building. I’m smoking hog jowls this weekend and, yes, I am from NC thank you very much. It sounds a lot classier when you call it by its Italian name, guanciale. Whatever you call it, it’s ridiculously good to eat.

  2. anon

    I am a homeschooling mother of 3 and I can play most songs on the expert level of drums on Rock Band. I should have been a drummer as it brings me a tremendous amount of enjoyment. I admit to being a little selfish playing it while my kids wait around for their turn on the Wii.
    I asked my kids this question and they said that I am exceptionally good at making odd faces while I am on the phone, typing extra loudly, snuggling, and doing the dishes.

  3. karin

    This is a hard one and hits close to home. I know I’m really good at a number of things. I’m a good designer and business owner (thankfully, since that’s what I do), I’m a good knitter and sewer (and enjoy both), I have a wicked memory for random trivia from crime shows and Unsolved Mysteries. But I don’t think I’m exceptionally good at anything. I sometimes watch sports or Ted talks and wonder what it would be like to excel at a task. I’ve met designers who were clearly bound for greatness – it’s the only thing they were ever meant to do. And it does make me wonder if I have that skill and passion within me and haven’t found it, or if I really am the kind of person who is just good in a handful of areas.

  4. Julie

    Apparently I am excellent at Spot the Difference. ( My younger son and I are working our way to the black level and have only had to use one “help” in 10 levels (we are at blue). Anyone know how many levels we have left?

  5. Ian

    Big Scott, if anyone came into Barrel of Fun on Franklin St. with a knuckle pencil for “Track and Field”, I’d like to think we would have beat him up.

  6. Alyson

    I love the last line of this entry. It sums it all up.
    I’m a fantastic cook. I love doing it, thinking about it, and planning for it. It’s more fun for me than anything else, and I even love doing it when I’m not making anything that interesting.

  7. Kevin_In_Philadelphia

    I’m a pretty good boxer. I’m not a violent guy, but for whatever reason I have always been good at combat sports and fighting in general, I just kind of know how to handle myself.

  8. Tanya

    I am exceptionally good at making/decorating cupcakes. It’s a skill I stumbled upon a few years ago, and have enjoyed immensely ever since. I’m not into fancy flavors or the trendy stuff you see at cupcake shops, but I’ve done some pretty cool Super Mario Brothers cupcakes for my son, along with Tom and Jerry, Easter-themed ones, Halloween, etc. I have had parents ask me to make cupcakes for THEIR kids’ birthday parties, too.


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