inkeeper’s wives have naturally curly hair



Lucy wanted a Lucy-from-Charlie-Brown pumpkin, so I gave it my best try


and the next day in class, Lucy herself became “Lucy”


on stage with some classroom pals during the parade, her hair brown for the day


and thus we were Pig Pen, Lucy and Sally, in a Halloween of primarily secondary characters – yes, my clouds of dust are real


when she looked inside her pumpkin, it reminded me of six years ago:



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  1. Big Scott

    Great costumes. Anyone can be Charlie Brown. It takes a certain amount of panache (and dirt) to pull off Pig Pen. Lucy and Tessa are, as usual, lovely.
    I had the first opportunity last night to scare the crap out of my kids. They didn’t know I was dressing up for Halloween and when I called them up to the bathroom after getting into full on zombie gear, they screamed so loud that I’m surprised the police didn’t show up.
    Then I went around trick-or-treating with them in character (slow zombies only for me, thanks). Caroline, my 10 year old daughter, vacillated between being annoyed that I was embarrassing her and being slightly scared. Interestingly, the swings in mood seemed to be in direct proportion to how much light there was at the time. :)
    Wyatt, my six year old son, was unphased. A direct quote: “Daddy is trying to do a scary walk, but he’s not very good at it ’cause I’m not scared at all.” Boys!


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