breaker one-five, this is plantar fasciitis checkin’ for smokeys


There is one last frontier yet to be crossed in the great social media landscape: that of your own voice. I don’t mean that in some poetic, fey, self-important up-with-people kind of way, I mean YOUR ACTUAL VOICE.

We spend a lot of our day dicking around on the internet, posting pictures of our parties and our kids, tapping out bon mots for the Twitterverse and posting Facebook links with witty persiflage, but NONE OF US (besides old friends) ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT ANYONE SOUNDS LIKE.

So I’ve got a simple question before I go all out on a limb: would any of you participate in a little vocal experiment? Instead of writing your comment, if I asked you to actually put a link to your own voice would you do it? Or are you afraid of what your voice might sound like?

Just a question; you don’t have to do it today. But with Chirbit or Vocaroo or SoundCloud or YouTube – using your computer or even the “voice memo” feature on pretty much any phone – it’d be super easy. No video, just sound. Thoughts?



16 thoughts on “breaker one-five, this is plantar fasciitis checkin’ for smokeys

  1. Tanya

    I’d totally do it. I’ve been an announcer for a radio station for years, so I have a pretty good idea of what I sound like. Hearing my own voice did take some getting used to when I first started, though. Funny how all that skin and bone and brain matter (or whatever) alters what we hear in our head vs. what others hear.
    My biggest challenge would be figuring out how to actually send you a sound clip. I just got used to Facebook for chrissake! To say I’m technically challenged would be a big time understatement.

  2. Julie

    I’m game. But then again I pretty much already know what I sound like due to the constant re-recording of my work voicemail and conference call replays.

  3. carolyn

    with our real voice right? no character shenanigans.
    though bear in mind people tend to get all self conscious and self aware and sound weird when they know they are being recorded, self inflicted or not.

  4. Salem

    Was it 3rd grade when the country went nuts for CB radios? (Convoy was on the Billboard charts). When I was about 9 years old I visited my Dad for the weekend. He had a new CB radio in his car. He and his girlfriend felt foolishly comfortable choosing “Camel Rider” as her CB handle.(my Great Grandparents immigrated from Lebanon) I clearly remember my decision to let them keep their “inside” joke. I blame early exposure to Benny Hill and Monty Python for my inappropriate grown up radar.

  5. Salem

    Oh. Was the assignment not to write about a childhood experience with the CB Radio in the picture? I should really pay more….oh look a bird.

  6. kmeelyon

    Oh yes, I’d share my voice with you all. Just not linked to this profile. But I love my voice and I miss voices in my life. The only people who call me are my mom and my far away friends (infrequently). I have one local pal who talks on the phone and the rest are all about text. It makes me sad.


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