i’m an american, i don’t share your english hatred of comfort


It’s one of our High Holy Days here at Chez Blake-Williams… you guessed it, the Day We Get the Early DVDs for the Upcoming Season of Downton Abbey!!!

Yes, through the miracle of mail-forwarding services, a region-free Blu-Ray player and a motivated viewing audience, this is the third year I’ve been able to get the English (and slightly longer) version of the show that you won’t see in America until next year.

This combines a bunch of my favorite things in the world:

• beating the system

• British television

• period dramas

• paying writers and actors for their work by not downloading

• making a certain little girl wild with excitement:


Does that make us fey liberals? Does that make me a latté-sipping Masterpiece Theater queen? FINE! I don’t care! I’m married, and no longer have to kowtow to your expectations, Dating America!

You know what? I would have done this even BEFORE I got married. I can promise you a very shitty dub of our favorite English soap opera on a VHS tape would have made it to the Pink House, where Jay, Scotty, Grant, Tom Holden, Linden, Jiffer, Zia, Chip and I would have watched the fuck out of it.

As it is, Lucy and I can barely contain our excitement, but Tessa is making us wait for next week, when a quorum of like-minded twee bon vivants will descend on the farmhouse in upstate NY for Thanksgiving. We will make tea, we will make scones, and we will fry fish and wrap it in copies of the Evening Standard.

And we will find out, O! Can Mister Crawley and Lady Mary find love against all odds?!? What of long-suffering Bates’ conviction – will he ever drop his Edwardian honor and do right by Anna? OH, I can’t BEAR IT!!!


0 thoughts on “i’m an american, i don’t share your english hatred of comfort

  1. killian

    ok. That will COMPLETELY carry me through this horrifically long day. Love to you and your scone-eatin’-extended-fam.

  2. jje

    Hey! Conservatives lovelovelove us some Downtown Abbey, too! ;-) Color me jealous.
    I’m intrigued that Lucy enjoys it and is mature enough to understand/handle the subject matter. Connor is the same age and reads (in terms of comprehension) well over his age level. Will definitely pay closer attention this season to see if it might be interesting for him as well. Although thinking back over season one, I’m probably not quite ready to explain expiring of a heart attack in your one-night stand’s bed. ;-)

  3. Claverack Weekender

    Our nanny downloaded it for us, sweet girl that she is. How do you do the mail forwarding, that sounds like a good hack.

  4. Annie

    I just want to announce that throughout this show’s meteoric rise (until today) I thought that it was “DownTOWN Abbey” and that everybody was taking the twee to the next level by pronouncing it in a veddy British way.

  5. jje

    Aaack! I just noticed I spelled it Downtown instead of Downton. I am blaming autocorrect – I promise I do pronounce it the veddy British way. ;-)

  6. Ian

    jje- we weren’t intending on getting Lucy hooked, but last year over Christmas, the 2nd season was on heavy rotation at the farm on the blu-ray player, and by the second viewing, she actually sat their wide-eyed and desperate for each new plot point.
    When she was in the room, we fast-forwarded past some of the WWI trench scenes, but honestly, she was more scared when people went into parts of the house they weren’t supposed to. War footage doesn’t seem to get her, but a maid or a Duke being naughty with the impending threat of getting caught… she can’t even be in the same room.

  7. Ian

    Claverack Weekender, we use forward2me – totally love those guys. If you’re ever on a European Amazon site and they say they can’t ship it to the US, set up an account with them, and they do it all for you for very little $$. Sorry, make that ££.

  8. betsy

    sweet pj’s lucy. where can I get me some. and, ps. I am thanking my lucky stars that I get to wait a while before being totally sucked into the downton universe. I might get something done this week. but I’d love to eat some thanksgiving with you darlings.

  9. Ruth

    I’m glad to know about like-minded DA addicts. And speaking of twee, some of the DA actors on Twitter call Downton “hound’s bum.” Doesn’t REALLY rhyme but cute, huh? Enjoy the Edwardian marathon.


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