there are no true synonyms


I am thankful for triple-paned glass.

I am thankful for the diphtheria-polio-tetanus shot.

I am thankful for aglets and finials and shutter-dogs.

Along the same lines, I’m quite enamored with weathervanes, especially the ones that aren’t roosters.

I really like copper that oxidizes into that unmistakable green.

I am thankful for time-lapse cameras.

Likewise, I’m thankful for how breathtaking nature documentaries have become.

I am thankful for the ocelot and kinkajou (although I could do without the spotted hyena and wolverine).

I am thankful for profanity.

I am thankful for my doubters.

I am thankful for microwave popcorn, magnets and sledding.

I am thankful for the Tar Heels, whatever the outcome, and feel sorry for those without some guys to root for.

And I am beyond thankful for whatever syzygy of planets that allowed me to be with Tessa, and produce such a little punkinpants as Lucy; with them in my life I shall never know want.


 [UPDATE: Welcome New York Times readers! Won’t you stay a while? – ed.]

4 thoughts on “there are no true synonyms

  1. matt

    I missed this somehow. Nice list. I’m thankful for the Urban Dictionary, even though every time I have to look something up there it reminds me of how uncool I am.


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