my ancient tribe would like to challenge yours


So I wrote this little piece in the NYTimes about the necessity of personal blogs still existing, and followed it up with… an fairly-unusual 6-day break from writing one. Because, really, why do the obvious thing?

Anyway, welcome lurkers and regulars back to another brain-exploding, profanity-laden web haunt where I’ve been battling myself since 2002 (successfully), and Facebook since 2009 (unsuccessfully), and occasionally write an entry – like this one – that will only appeal to basketball fans and aficionados of photo reënactments.

Oh, and devotees of the diaeresis. But I digress.

Fact is, when the Carolina basketball team has a big game impending, I toss away higher thoughts and concentrate on the guttural tribalism at hand: to wit, we have a basketball game against the Indiana Hoosiers tonight.

Indiana is ranked #1, we are currently in the low teens. Their star player is the brother of our star player last year. We have two losses against them that were arguably some of the most painful we’ve yet endured – 1981, when they won the NCAA Championship over us; and 1984, a game so excruciating that Michael Jordan himself laments it to this day.

As much as I love the movie, I do not care for Hoosier lore – the state is even more boring than Iowa (I should know) and has dreadful politics. True, both North Carolina and Indiana are the only states Obama lost from 2008, but I mean, come on, you can actually imagine living in North Carolina.

My dad taught conducting there after getting his undergrad degree at Long Beach State, another team we recently pasted in hostile territory, so I feel good about this one. Besides, Indiana has only made the NCAA Tournament 5 of the last 10 years. We’ve been there 8 of the last 10, and won the whole dance twice since.

There’a a word for that, and it’s the most difficult concept to attain in a culture that moves like mercury through a flask: consistency. Wanna see consistency? It works like this, my friends (click for bigger):


a decade of our Thanksgiving picture, every year since 2002 (except 2009 – I fell asleep, damnit! Everyone gets a bye once, don’t they?)


0 thoughts on “my ancient tribe would like to challenge yours

  1. Megan

    My parents went to grad school at Indiana. I was, in fact, conceived in Bloomington. Wisely, they decamped back East before my birth. Breaking Away and Hoosiers are some of our family’s favorite movies. That said, I’ve always regarded IU’s basketball program as something of a watered-down, Midwestern version of D*ke. It’s going to be a tense night.

  2. Salem

    My favorite Thanksgiving picture every year.
    So tell me, did we miss a cartoon moment when the metal sink drawer fell on your foot, or are just doing a little repair?
    I am thankful for my archivist friends, who always have a real camera around, and use it.

  3. wottop

    Don’t think it will really be all that close. They have experienced talent and we have young talent.
    On the road and a true road game. Tough to win.
    I’ll still yell at the refs and be in a bad mood if we lose though.

  4. Ian

    Well, seems you CAN’T actually lose 4 players to the fuckin’ NBA and expect to win against real competition. Live it up, Hoosiers, your 7-year cycle cometh~


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