sound and fury signifies everything


Okay, so Tessa convinced me to upload this other time-lapse film I made last weekend, as it is slightly more interesting from a human perspective. After seeing the carnage wrought by the previous film, I got frustrated and stuck the camera in the kitchen window facing inward, temporarily forgetting it was still on.

So it took a picture every second for 24 hours, from about 4:30pm on Friday to about 5pm Saturday, when we left. In it, you will see the kids scamper around, you will see my beautiful wife, my brother Sean, Jordana, even a few friends like the illustrious Annie. You will see a pterosaur revolving its ancient bones as nobody watches; you will see TV from another room, you’ll eye the yaw and pitch of life sleeping and awake.

Here’s the thing, though: there is nothing as glorious as a new day starting from midnight drear (right around :27) – even in a weird little movie like this, it still speaks of magic, hope, and possibility. May this weekend provide you of same!


my favorite bit is around the 1:00 mark, where Sean appears to be looking into the camera, but is actually looking at the snow outside


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