the cramps greatest hits


If there was a bigger day for our family in recent history, I can’t imagine what it was, for here on 12/12/12, my sister gave birth to Alexander Steven Williams-Vaden on our mom’s 81st birthday!!!


I know Facebook takes all the timely thunder out of such things (remember when you had to read someone’s blog to get breaking news?) however, you must remember, status updates disappear into the internet’s toilet – but these pages? These pages are forever, baby!

Congrats to my bro-in-law Jon Vaden and my little sister Michelle… as well as newly-minted older brother Andrew Ian Williams-Vaden. And happy birthday Grandma! Lucy, Tessa and I send all our cousinly aunt-and-uncle love!

8 thoughts on “the cramps greatest hits

  1. Amy S.

    Congratulations, Michelle! That picture is… The tiny smushy baby, the kiss of the older brother (who’s still so wee himself), Michelle’s face–gah! It’s so gorgeous! Tears.

  2. CM

    Wow, Michele looks radiant, and that baby is soooo cute! Look at that hair! Congrats! Come for a playdate if you’re ever in Hoboken.
    Alex is gonna milk that 12/12/12 birthday thing forever! And happy b-day to mom, too.

  3. LFMD

    Yeah, I read about the birth on Sean’s FB post, but I still wanted to come to your blog to read more! Having read your blog since before Jon and Michelle started dating, I gotta say this photo made my day. Congratulations to everyone!

  4. Salem

    Now get this kid broken in well, so he’s ready for his 1st Jartacular. 12/12/12, nice. That’s a full count, and much less eery than our classmate Brad Conger’s birthday, 6/6/66.


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