i want the one with kung-fu grip and eagle eye


Hey, what do you want for Christmas?

I’m not promising anything, but I just might get one of you something you ask for.

Why? WHY NOT? Consider it a mitzvah. Or a raffle. Or a slightly creepy, oddly-controlling, yet ultimately fun act of random oblation.

You’re much more likely to be the winner if it’s something really cool, bizarrely interesting, or if it’s something that I might want to play with too.

Go for it! It’s the season for getting!


[UPDATE: okay, the real reason is that I found $27 that wasn’t mine, so I gave online to the Hurricane Sandy relief effort but still have the cash, so I thought it’d be an additional little fun Xmas tiding… but MAN some of these ideas are cool! – ed.]

18 thoughts on “i want the one with kung-fu grip and eagle eye

  1. litlnemo

    At the top of my wish list is 360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story (Deluxe + USB version) — the one that has the USB stick with it containing 263 tracks from the entire history of Columbia Records. However, that is a ridiculously, inappropriately expensive thing! So, not that. (I mostly mention it because I was wondering if Ian has seen it. It’s quite cool. The iBooks store has a sampler that has sound clips of all 263 songs, and I was blown away by how good the selection was.)
    More reasonable is the book Pie, a Global History by Janet Clarkson. Why? Because everyone likes pie. And I hope to have a working stove again someday so I can make some. In the meantime, history geek that I am, I can read about the history of pies and think about the pies I will bake when I can.

  2. Claverack Weekender

    I’m hoping to receive some Japanese gardening tools this year. A new pair of Sakurahamon shears, a cuttle fish hoe, and a honen asparagus sickle.

  3. GFWD

    I would like us to both have iPad Mini’s so that we can Facetime and bloviate about the topics of the day and our kids can be 21st century pen pals. And we can watch Carolina basketball games together screaming and yelling in sync–3000 miles apart, or however far it is from where you are to where I am.

  4. jje

    One of our local mommy websites did a review and giveaway of a hybrid scooter/bike – kinda like an elliptical machine on a scooter. It’s called a Zike.
    (Link above)
    It looked like crazy fun – knew my two little guys would dig it – so I ordered one for each of them for Christmas morning. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces. :-) And anything that keeps them playing outside and away from screen crack is a win. Their other big gifts are pogo sticks. Wheeee!
    So I have total Zike envy – LOL! They make an adult size – the awesomely named SABER – and it would be awesome and great exercise to have one in a girly pink or Carolina blue. It would tickle their little hearts to have Mommy zipping along beside them instead of trailing behind shouting “don’t go too far ahead, wait for me, I have to be able to at least see you.” And what fun to ride to school, not to mention a little safer than bikes along the busy roads we walk.
    Look at it – doesn’t it call to the kid in you? ;-) Squeeee! Send it to your house first and try it out. ;-)
    You are awesome to put this contest out there. If for some crazy reason I win (fingers crossed), the Zike contact name is Elissa and her phone number is 864-400-3235. Apparently their web site is hijacked right now by whatever entity they made a deal with as they rapidly expand, and their Greenville, SC, store offers better prices, faster shipping, and more colors.

  5. Ian

    I just put this in the entry, but… the real reason is that I found $27 that wasn’t mine, so I gave it online to the Hurricane Sandy relief effort:
    However, I still have the cash – so I thought it’d be an additional little bit of fun. But don’t let me stop your big ideas, these are awesome!

  6. jje

    Laughing at myself for shooting for the moon. ;-) What I meant to say was old-school, four wheel rollerskates. My little guy got invited to a rollerskating birthday party tomorrow and I’m pretty sure I’m more excited than he is about it. I will be crushed if they don’t play Hall & Oates and announce “couple skate” at some point. ;-)

  7. Allison Connor

    I want a pencil sharpener. Either an electric one that will not break (I’ve had bad experiences) or one of those awesome old school ones that you bolt to some piece of wood in the garage. I love sharpening pencils. It might be my fetish! I just returned a crappy electric one I bought because it shut down on the 3rd sharpen. They can put a man on the moon but they can’t make a pencil sharpener that satisfies me????

  8. janet oh

    i want a pair of stout walking boots that dont cramp my bunions or my style…..wanna walk forever boots please…..size 7


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