at our most tender


SeanAt6(bl).jpg TessaAt6(bl).jpg

my brother Sean and my wife Tessa at 6 years old

LucasAt6(bl).jpg JonAt6(bl).jpg

my nephew Lucas, and my bro-in-law Jon at 6

KentAt6(bl).jpg RichardAt6(bl).jpg

my brother Kent at 6; my dad at 6


Barnaby, who turned 6 on Saturday

MichelleAt6(bl).jpg SeanPatrickAt6(bl).jpg

my sister Michelle and my nephew Sean Patrick at 6

SteveAt6(bl).jpg IanAt6(bl).jpg

my brother Steve at 6; me at 6

LindaAt6(bl).jpg LucyAt6(bl).jpg

my mom at 6; my daughter Lucy at 6

We are all of us, a group of 6-year-olds who somehow made it. We stand together against a culture that allows something like this to happen to someone our age, and our hearts go out to the ones who don’t get to go on any further.

If you have one, post a picture of you – or yours – at six, because we were all there, and our most vulnerable parts never leave us.

[And now, more… Send them to me (by email or FB) and they’ll join us here! – ed.]


Caitlin and Milena at 6


the lovely Kate’s Will and cousin Justin discussing being 6


from Lara: Mia at 3 joins Mallory at 6


Rebecca D’s triplets(!) at 6 for Late Night with Roy(!)


Sean M. padded for adventure at 6


my wonderful old friend Nicole at 6

ShannonNickAt6(bl).jpg ShannonJuliaAt6(bl).jpg

Nick and Julia at 6, courtesy of Shannon V.


oh my god! Chip at 6!


Sharon F. at 6 – that clown painting gave me nightmares in middle school!

Sharon1At6(bl).jpg Sharon2at6(bl).jpg Sharon3NoahAt6(bl).jpg

Sharon’s Benjamin, Lilah and Noah, all at 6


Heath’s daughter Leah at 6 years old

JodyAt6(bl).jpg JodyMischaAt6(bl).jpg

aha! Jody at 6 – not to be confused with daughter Mischa at 6


Hi Liz Mann! your Sarah at 6

KarenEllaAt6(bl).jpg KarenHannahAt6(bl).jpg KarenCharlieAt6(bl).jpg

KSA’s trifecta: Ella, Hannah and Charlie, all at 6


Rebecca and Matthew’s Henry at 6 – go redheads

RebeccaSarahAt6(bl).jpg RebeccaEthanAt6(bl).jpg

…and their Sarah and Ethan, also at 6

MichelleHAt6(bl).jpg MichelleHHayleyAt6(bl).jpg

Michelle H., then her daughter Hayley at 6


let us not forget NC’s own Alvis D. at 6

JenniferEAt6(bl).jpg JJEConnorAt6(bl).jpg

commenting fave JJE at 6, and her son mid-pool at 6


my Purple Housemate Matt’s son Max at 6


photographer Deb A. herself pictured at 6


sparring partner Matt H. at 6, holding sister

JSPJakeAt6(bl).jpg JSPAlexAt6(bl).jpg

Julie SP’s Jake loses a tooth, and Alex cheers for Carolina at 6 years old

BridgetAt6(bl).jpg KeelyAt6(bl).jpg

Bridget takes time off cheering for Franco Harris and Mean Joe Green; Keely rocks a peacock, both at 6 years old


Emma at 6…

EmmaMaryEmmaAt6(bl).jpg EmmaFrederickAt6(bl).jpg

…then her Mary Emma and Frederick at 6

DianaFAlexandraAt6(bl).jpg DianaFMatthewAt6(bl).jpg

Diana F’s Alexandra and Matthew at 6 (don’t us redheads look like royalty?)

Lillie-AnneAt6(bl).jpg NevaedenAt6(bl).jpg

Salem’s li’l Lillie-Anne at 6 (I believe I was at this event!) – and our Neva gives us Eden at 6


hey, it’s Lisa in Maui at age 6!


fans of Charlotte W. simply must enjoy her en quatrième ouverte à six ans


one of my favorite directors Amy RS gives us Ronen at 6

ErikFAt6(bl).jpg CareySonAt6(bl).jpg

Erik F. swingin’ at 6; Carey F’s son just shy of 6

SLSAt6(bl).jpg SLSBenAt6(bl).jpg

6-year-old equestrienne Katie (SLS) and her son Ben at 6

9 thoughts on “at our most tender

  1. Lara

    Daughter Mallory at 6 (with sister Mia at 3).
    /Users/gregotsuka/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2012/Dance Recital 2012/DSC_0018.JPG

  2. mom

    Ian, this may be the greatest blog you have ever written. I cried all the way through reading it and looking at those six-year old faces.

  3. guest

    Now We Are Six
    Author: A.A. Milne
    When I was one,
    I had just begun.
    When I was two,
    I was nearly new.
    When I was three,
    I was hardly me.
    When I was four,
    I was not much more.
    When I was five,
    I was just alive.
    But now I am six,
    I’m as clever as clever.
    So I think I’ll be six
    now and forever.


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