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Break out the prognostication meds, because I have a few questions for you. Let’s make a little time capsule of our current thinking, so that five years from now, we can look back and see if we had a good feel for how long things last.

(Wait, do you think five years is too long to wait for something, and it’ll all be different by then, even on this blog? Hell, take a look at your comments five years ago here. That didn’t seem like forever, did it?)

And so here are your five technology/internet questions to answer as best you can:

1. What year will Facebook start its inexorable slide into irrelevance, a la MySpace?

2. How many more years will the iPad be the dominant tablet?

3. The average MPG for cars sold in 2012 was 23.2. What will it be in five years?

4. Which will be cured first, Alzheimer’s or baldness?

5. Will texting be replaced as the dominant communication form by something else, or will it exist in its present form for the next 5 years?



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  1. wottop

    1. I give it another 4 or 5.
    2. 2, unless they can get the price down
    3. 35, but they could easily engineer them to do 45 without breaking a sweat.
    4. Baldness and ED before Alheimer’s
    5. Speech-to-text-to-speech will be universal. Probably with voice generation of the person who sent the text. [hey, that one’s mine] TM

  2. T.J.

    1. 2014.
    2. 18 months. They’re not leading the field; they’re following others now.
    3. 30.
    4. I agree with wottop: Baldness and ED before Alzheimer’s
    5. It won’t be replaced, but it won’t exist in its present form. It replaced/became equal with voice mail and email because they took too long, but it now takes too long to type! #firstworldproblems

  3. jon

    1. It started in 2011. Slide completed by 2015.
    2. 2
    3. 27.6
    4. baldness
    5. replaced by voice-activated monosyllabic grunts

  4. emma

    1. Already sliding – I think kids are tapering off because us old fogeys are using facebook so much, so it is not as cool as they thought it used to be. The end of 2014.
    2. At least 5 years.
    3. 30 mpg
    4. Why do you need to cure baldness? Bald men are sexy. I’m only a little embarrassed (ok maybe a lot embarrassed) to say that my husband is jealous of Pitbull right now because, well, because I love him.
    5. Texting will be in a different form – but I can’t figure out what will be different.

  5. craighill

    never. stock up 50% from its lows and now getting into dating game.
    baldness unfort
    whatever hey tell does everyone will soon. app is awesome.

  6. Katie in NC

    1. This year. No, really!
    2. Two
    3. 40 (I am European)
    4. Baldness, Not that it needs a cure
    5. Texting is 15 years old in Europe, shows no signs of dying off. I think it will stick around.


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