four thousand holes in blackburn lancashire



Tessa was asked to contribute to the One Day On Earth project, where various filmmakers put together a worldwide collage of everything that happened on a specific day. It was done on 10/10/10, again on 11/11/11, and last month she shot footage on the last of the triptych, for 12/12/12.

As with anything, you have to be good, and you have to be lucky, and my wife is both. On 12/12/12 here in Venice, there was a bizarre rainstorm (caught on time-lapse… FINALLY my camera put to good use!), my mom turned 81, and then my sister WENT INTO LABOR and gave birth in the wee hours!

This is only a tiny fraction of the footage – Tessa put together 5-6 minutes to give a good example. The sound hasn’t been entirely fixed yet, and I’m mid-flu and look like assballs, however, Tessa’s rough edit makes it all worthwhile. Turn up the sound and see the day through a 7-year-old’s eyes!


11 thoughts on “four thousand holes in blackburn lancashire

  1. jje

    Very cool! The interview at the end was 87 kinds of adorable. And I got all weepy during the segment with Michelle, remembering that exhausted but starry-eyed bliss with my own newborns.

  2. Lara

    Love this, especially having a 7-year-old girl myself. “They’re not that type of name choosers.” And she was right (of course).

  3. amy a

    Oh I love this! Her giggle is infectious.
    Ian, your humor and way with her is adorable.
    What a lovely project. Way to go, Tessa!

  4. CM

    Terrific! Loved the music & especially the ending. I watched it w/my 2 year old son, who paid attention through the whole thing, which is rare for something without firetrucks.

  5. kmeelyon

    That was sweet. I was also born on my mother’s mom’s birthday. :) Tell Lucy this means she won’t ever have to buy grandma a present!

  6. Kelly

    My 7 year old daughter Erica watched this with me and insisted that I post the following comment: “Hi Lucy, I really like your hair band. I play piano too but you must practice more than me, that was good playing! I hope you come to PEI some day, we’ll go to the beach but come in the summer because it’s awfully frozen and cold right now. Your baby cousin is very sweet.”

  7. Anne

    I loved every single second of this. It was lovely having the carols in the background.
    Our daughter was born on 12-12 (1990). Time flies!


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