these are words that go together well




my visualization of a theory by friend Josh Shenk

To clarify… After a couple of messages no doubt wondering if I was going to start designing posters for the Chi O game room, this comes from a conversation I had with Josh concerning his brilliant upcoming book about the magical transcendence of certain creative partnerships. Along with Dean Smith, Jim Henson and Morrissey, I use the Beatles to pamper life’s complexities.

The brilliance of John and Paul – and any true great partnership – is an inability to be completely pigeonholed. Paul may have been the sweet, melodic, gushy one… but he wrote “Helter Skelter”, ostensibly the precursor all metal, thrash and otherwise. John may have been the acidic, angry, belligerent one… but he wrote “In My Life”, the most honest, soul-bearing song of its time, and “Julia”, the saddest, most heartbreaking and beautiful lullaby of the Beatles’ oeuvre.

It was Josh who made the fascinating leap to the yin/yang symbol, with the dot inside each representing the essence of the other. All this to say, BUY JOSH’S BOOK WHEN IT COMES OUT NEXT YEAR.


5 thoughts on “these are words that go together well

  1. emma

    So, is the theory that the songs in the white part are Paul songs while the ones in black are John’s songs. Helter Skelter fits more with the black songs, but it is a Paul song while in my Life fits better with the Paul songs, but it is a John song? That is probably too basic and the theory is much deeper than that.
    I watched an hour or so of a Lennon documentary the other night that was really good (I think it was from 1988). It is fascinating to me to see how far they evolved from the Twist and Shout kind of songs to Revolution kind of songs.


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