suppressing one’s gag reflex three decades running


I am taking the red-eye tonight to North Carolina, since now THERE IS ONE. No more stopping in Dallas/Ft. Worth or Pittsburgh or Charlotte, which is just ghastly when you’re taking the red-eye anyway. Speaking of which, when I was in my 20s, “the red eye” meant something else. So did “red wings”. Or did I say that already? But I truly digress.

For them’s what wanna know why I’m making this trip, my 28th home Dook game in a row since I was, like, 17 years old, there are so many reasons over so many decades, but I think this pic of a Koach K Klown Kollege fan may say more than mere words ever could:



4 thoughts on “suppressing one’s gag reflex three decades running


    “Subsidized early retirement” sounds an awful lot like a cost-cutting measure
    to get people to retire early and save on salary and benefits
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    praticamente impossibile. I agree that fans / media generally don’t care and most writers are ignoring it
    but that doesn’t mean the story should not be delivered with strong emphasis.
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