6 thoughts on “never stay too long at the party

  1. CM

    Yay! Happy you’re well, and happy blogversary! Thanks for providing such a consistently great read, and such kindness and gen x sensibility. And hello to all my fellow commenters.
    Here’s a quick story. Last summer, my son was playing with a kid on the toddler playground in my town. The kid happened to leave his little bowl of snacks. It had a sticker with an email address on it, so I took it home and emailed the mom to say I had the bowl. She sent a nice email back to say she’d get it eventually.
    Months later, this mom in my town happens to read a comment she likes on xtcian.com and clicks through and finds out it’s me…the same mom who happened to find her son’s thing. So we both live here and have toddler boys and both read xtcian. It’s a small world after all.
    I still have her son’s bowl.
    Have a nice weekend!


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