Thursday Never Looking Back

No blog tonight. Just a few happy people.



Ian comes home to us on Thursday!!!

22 thoughts on “Thursday Never Looking Back

  1. Caroline

    Happy news. What a relief. Tessa, your last blog was really wonderful. I’m amazed that you could be aware enough of how to handle hospital staff under such stress and with a small child at home to worry about. I’m glad for you all and glad to hear Ian is on the mend. What a bizarre and scary turn of events.

  2. Bliss

    Please add me to your happiness list! Such good news. So in awe of you three, more than ever for weathering this shitstorm with grace, humor, wisdom, and openness. It’s been a gift reading these posts, both to know what was happening but also to have a chance to hold your hand virtually from the distant. Squeezing tight and sending love!

  3. karl

    So happy to see and read! I’d be really curious to see your how much your website traffic peaked over the last week. Especially with people like me checking constantly for updates!

  4. Funky Heel

    So very happy! Don’t know any of you personally, but feel like I do, and have been holding you all in light and Carolina power-vibed healing wishes.


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