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3/21/03 New York, NY What

3/21/03 New York, NY

What are you supposed to do when your life is so disparate from the experience of others? You watch the news, you see an entire city being blown to shreds, you know that there are families huddled in basements praying for it to stop and yet you are walking around the East Village, where hip boys and leather-clad girls are laughing and flirting. You want to feel helpless and full of rage, but you also understand by now that those will do you no good either.

Two days into the Shock and Awe campaign, you have muffled experiences of both, but nowhere to put them. You can’t possibly order the Tandoori Mixed Grill at Haveli’s on 2nd Ave, and laugh with old friends, yet you do so anyway.

You think that after watching World Trade Center towers came down, the world would have enough of falling buildings. You think the world would have enough of silly love songs, but in both cases, you look around and see it isn’t true.

Baghdad today under missile fire

Ground Zero tonight as the fog rolled in

3/20/03 Brooklyn, NY Stayed up

3/20/03 Brooklyn, NY

Stayed up all night putting the finishing touches on today’s Ian R. Williams Salon article (check it out, wontchya?), which was a piece that wasn’t as much my cup of tea, but is also a nice clip to show that I can do more than pontificate wildly about Mormons. Although if I had my druthers, everything I’d write would be wild pontifications, half-baked truths, sweeping generalizations and theories that break under the weight of their own horseshit, but that’s what the blog is for, right?

There were several protests in New York today, especially one in Times Square, but Tessa and I were holed up in the editing booth, trying to finish our movie. I know all the arguments about the need for demonstration, but this country and its leadership

3/19/03 Brooklyn, NY Wow, so

3/19/03 Brooklyn, NY

Wow, so many things swirling in my head at once. First off, since a diary is supposed to give off the flavor of the day’s events and perhaps I will be reading this years from now, inshallah

3/18/03 Brooklyn, NY Yes, it’s

3/18/03 Brooklyn, NY

Yes, it’s 5:29am, and I just spent the night writing another article for Salon, although the kicker is this: it might not see the light of day. I pitched a sort of “War and Generation Y” piece last week, and it was accepted, but in the meantime, Bush drop-kicked Iraq in the nuts, giving everything in the news pipeline the half-life of an unrefrigerated raw egg. So I got all the quotes I could, transcribed hours of dialogue, and wove it into a fabric that may or may not provide literary warmth.

Which is okay. One needs to be challenged, and I haven’t stayed up all night writing a paper since Philosophy 32 in 1990. It feels the same, the vague sense of light appearing, the citrus wafts of long-flat Coke (actually Red Bull), the realization that you will probably be lacking a few motor neurons tomorrow.

I don’t know why, but I’m reminded of this picture:

me and Sean zonked out after one of Mom & Dad’s enchilada parties, circa 1974

3/17/03 Brooklyn, NY First, the

3/17/03 Brooklyn, NY

First, the good news: I got my first article in Salon Magazine. Click here to go straight to the story; in order to read the full piece, click on the “one day free pass” ad it’s very short. Or just subscribe to Salon Premium, which allows you access to a fantastic daily webzine that is

3/16/03 Brooklyn, NY I wish

3/16/03 Brooklyn, NY

I wish Tessa could have been with me today upstate, but no doubt the weather was just as good in the city all I can say is that it was splendiferous in the glowing Bershires. Determined to get all I could out of my free March 2003 pass to Catamount, I went skiing in naught but a shirt and snowpants, as it was almost 60 degrees on top of the mountain. Combine that with two feet of snow on the ground, and it truly was the best of all possible worlds. I mean, I guess ski purists would complain of a slight slushiness, but fuck it: it’s the closest I’ve come to being on the back of a motorcycle in summer since… you know, the last time I was on the back of a motorcycle. In summer. Which was probably 1982.

you can feel the winter beginning to lose grip

Because of my relentless archivism, I wanted to take some more pictures of our house, two miles away, from the top of the ski lift. I tried one on a “high quality” setting, and another on a “super damned high quality setting.” These are carefully cropped from HUGE images, but take a look at the super hi-res pic here and the normal hi-res pic here. I’ll be the first to tell you that there is absolutely no difference. Perhaps somebody with digital picture intellect can explain that one to me.

Back at the farm, it was so liberating to be outside that Chopin the dog and I spent the rest of the afternoon frolicking. I mean hard-core frolicking, the silly skippy-doo bouncing around the acres reserved for young puppies chasing tennis balls. When you’ve had the winter we’ve had, you frolic as hard as you can before the next freak winter storm comes to dump two feet of April snow on your ass.

3/15/03 Columbia County, NY You want

3/15/03 Columbia County, NY

You want perspective? It’s available in large quantities on the first above-freezing night of the year on a near-full moon. Just take the flash off your camera, hold very still, and let la lune be your only source of light, and all will be revealed to you.

the barn around 1am; click for bigger

3/13/03 Brooklyn, NY I’ve generally

3/13/03 Brooklyn, NY

I’ve generally had good luck with Mac computers each one I’ve bought has lasted way past its own relevancy and certainly far into the nether reaches of Moore’s Law. I have waxed philippic about my Mac Plus, Quadra 660AV, Powerbook 1400, iMac and iBook until the guards came and took away my TV privileges.

And I know most of you reading this blog are doing so on a PC; I mean, I read the webstats. 69% of you, to be exact. Believe me, I look upon a nation of PC’s the way I look at a car dealership with miles of new SUV’s: we gotta suffer through all that hardware until people start acting responsibly.

But I confess to having bought my first Apple lemon: a G4 tower 1.25 GHz dual-processing machine that crashed 45 times, had a “kernel panic” ten times, and froze at least four. Editing the the Pink House movie on that thing was, on a good day, merely Sisyphean; on bad days, we wanted to drop it out the window and let it smash on Berkeley Street.

I won’t go into the unfathomable number of hours spent on the phone with various Apple employees and our reseller, but our editor Jessie and my betrothed Tessa deserve entry into the Can I Speak To Your Supervisor Award for Infinite Patience sweepstakes. Finally, after two months in the shop (and a replaced motherboard, hard drive, blah blah fucking blah) we were rewarded with a brand spanking new G4 1.42 dual. And today we began the fine edit of our film for the first time, with no crashes, no panics, and at a blinding speed.

Tessa is asleep now, so I’m off to make slow, sensual love to our new G4 tower. O blessed dual-processor, make our movie full of delight, won’t you? Say you’ll massage it into a boisterously funny comedy, okay baby? I promise I’ll [insert computer-related genitalia joke here] and then [insert sexual computer pun on “firmware” here] and perhaps [dumb “hard drive” innuendo followed by RAM used as verb] if only you’ll [uninspired, poorly-thought-out “screen inches” joke to leave audience “laughing”].

3/12/03 Brooklyn, NY This blog

3/12/03 Brooklyn, NY

This blog goes out to Scooby-Doo and Shaggy, because they’re the only motherfuckers on the planet who will be able to figure out who is making the ghostly racket at Tessa’s Manhattan apartment from 2 to 4am. Seriously, the building contractor, a lawyer, and a sound engineer have all suggested “poltergeist” as a possible culprit, and they were only half-joking.

Tessa and I rolled our own Mystery Machine into the city tonight, planning to camp out in the place until we heard the noise. The tenants, who have not been able to sleep for two weeks, are staying at a hotel, so we had the run of the building. Without warning, the sounds started around 12:30am relatively early, by all accounts